Minority Health Conference: Uniting Practice and Partnerships to Achieve Health Equity April 17, 2019

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The 2019 Minority Health Conference will be held on April 17 in York, NE.  The goal of the conference is to educate professionals across the state of Nebraska about minority health, health equity, and adequately addressing the needs of special populations.  The breakout sessions target community workers, physicians, nurses, other healthcare providers, public health personnel, administrators, and other professionals who are involved or interested in improving minority health and advancing health equity.  Breakout track titles are:

  • Leveraging Innovation in Care Delivery
  • Delivering High Quality Services
  • Increasing Quality Care for Special Populations
  •  Bridging Gaps to Ensure Equitable Care

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RegistrationPlease read this before registering.  The registration fee is $100 for attendees, $50-$100 for exhibitor/vendors, and $45 for students.  Late fees will apply after March 15.  Scholarships are not available this year.  Each registration should be entered separately.  Payment options include check, credit card or IBT, and payment information needs to be available when registering.  See the information below on payment methods. Use this link to register:  https://bit.ly/2sahfmP .  Students should register as an Attendee and select the payment method to be used, and use the discount code STuDENT for the $45 rate.  NOTE: If you need an invoice, contact us at dhhs.minorityhealth@nebraska.gov.


Check information can be entered versus mailing a check. You will need to provide the account number and check number at the time of registration. Alternately, a paper check can be sent to the address below, Attention: Cindy Harmon (include the attendee(s) names on the check statement.  To pay for multiple people, enter each person separately, use discount code "chEck," and mark that the check will be mailed.  Should the check be from a parent organization or is different than the name/organization on the registration, please enter a comment so the payment can be credited to the correct attendee.


Credit cards are accepted. Card information should be available at the time of registration and needs entered for each person separately.  Should the card be under a different name or organization than the person(s) registered, please enter a comment so the payment can be credited to the correct attendee.


To have an Interagency Billing Transaction (IBT) prepared, select Attendee-State/Univ and use discount code "IBTPay."  Add the billing information requested, e.g., business unit number or cost work center number.  Providing the contact information for your billing department will greatly help the efficiency of payment processing. State governments can also request a journal entry; include the attendee name and post to BU 25480416.


Interested in being an Exhibitor/Vendor? 

The fee includes the registration for one person, a table and chair. The non-profit rate is $50 and the for-profit rate is $100. Please register the person who will be working at the exhibit. If additional representatives will be attending the conference, they will need to register as an attendee. If electricity is needed, please note your requirements in the registration. Use the Registration Link above and mark "Exhibitor," not Attendee. Please read the Payment Information before registering.



For reference, the 2018 conference brochure is available.
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