Lead Poisoning Prevention

Childhood Lead Poisoning Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions about childhood lead poisoning and prevention. Learn basic information about what lead is, its health effects, and how lead poisoning occurs.

Sources of Lead in Your Environment

Exposures to lead can cause lead poisoning. Lead is can be found everywhere: in your home, soil, and even in some consumer products. Learn more about where lead is found in your environment so you can help prevent lead exposures.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Tips

Many Nebraska children and adults are exposed to lead. However, you lead poisoning can be prevented by taking simple actions. Learn more about how to prevent lead poisoning through cleaning, hygiene, diet, and lead-safe practices.

Adult Lead Poisoning

Some adults are at risk for adult lead poisoning. Most adult lead poisonings in Nebraska occur from being exposed to lead at a worksite or job. Adults exposed to lead at work can take home lead to their home and contaminate their house, putting their family at risk. Learn more about lead poisoning in adults and how to reduce occupational lead exposures.

Data and Maps

View and download lead reports, data, and maps.     






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