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OOHD Announces Healthy Smiles Art and Writing Contest Winners
To celebrate Children's Oral Health Month in February, the Office of Oral Health and Dentistry sponsored the Health Smiles Art and Writing Contest. 
A panel of judges recently made their selections for winners in each age group.  Congratulations to the winners in each division of the Healthy Smiles Art and Writing Contest.  They are listed below by age, grade, and hometown.
K-2 (Art) - Miriam Ganoung, 8, Halsey
3-5 (Art) - Thea Seibel, 10, Lincoln
3-5 (Writing) - Jonny McCarville, 11, Elkhorn
6-8 (Art) - Sophia Swanson, 12, Lincoln
6-8 (Writing) - Peter Gref, 12, Lincoln
The contest drew more than 100 entries from across the state.  The level of skill and creativity was unbelievably impressive.  Thank you to everyone who entered for raising awareness about oral health in Nebraska.

About Us 
Since 1949 the Office of Oral Health and Dentistry has sought to improve the lives of Nebraskans by promoting preventative oral care, particularly in young children. The department has a wide variety of tools available to the public and health professionals to promote preventative oral care. Please investigate and contact us if you have any questions.
We have some new educational materials available to download free of charge.
Are you looking for low cost dental care in Nebraska? Click the link for a list of public dental clinics.

  Nebraska Oral Health Advisory Panel

The Nebraska Oral Health Advisory Panel advises the Office of Oral Health on activities to expand oral health care to all Nebraskans.
They guide the formation of the Oral Health State Plan, collaborate with the OOH on achieving new funding, and make recommendations on priority topics.

Nebraska Oral Health State Plan

The Office of Oral Health and Dentistry is drafting an oral health state plan to address issues with and raise awareness of the importance of oral health in the state. View a copy:   Nebraska Oral Health Draft State Plan.

View a summary of the plan and the Oral Health Town Hall Meeting Presentation.

Your opinions are important.  Please take a couple minutes to offer your feedback on the state plan with this brief survey.

Nebraska’s 2011 Oral Health Grade For Children is out according to the Pew Center on the States – a non-profit research group that focuses on state issues.

Nebraska's 2011 Children's Dental Health Grade

See how Nebraska compares to the rest of the nation.

The State of Children's Dental Health

News Release: Children Benefit from New Dental Program

Check out our Office online journal to see our new PSA's!













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