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Provider FAQs

What is the official name of the colon cancer program in Nebraska?

The official name of the Nebraska colon cancer program is Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Demonstration Program (NCP).  The NCP is a screening demonstration project and is one of only five in the nation.  The program must adhere to strict guidelines for inclusion of clients, follow up and reporting standards.

What goals were written into the grant workplan for the new program?

The goal for the demonstration period is to enroll 10,000 Nebraska men and women over 50 years of age into the program.  Clients need to fill out a Colorectal Health History and sign a Release of Medical Information in order to find out if they are eligible for the program.  The NCP will use the health history to determine what type of screening test the client is eligible for. Not all clients who fill out an health history form will be eligible for services. 

The primary screening test offered to clients is the Fecal Occult Blood Test kits (FOBT), providing follow up colonoscopies for those with positive results on the FOBT.

Is the new CRC program going to be a part of the Every Woman Matters (EWM) program?  How and why?

Yes, the CRC program is part of the EWM program and adheres to the same eligibility guidlines. Because EWM has already established hundreds contracts with providers across Nebraska, the EWM program is the most cost-effective and logical place for the colon cancer program to reside.

Men who are at least 50 years of age, meeting the same criteria as women enrolled in the EWM program, can now enroll in the NCP.            

If both men and women are going to be targeted for the colon program, how are men eligible for the program, and do they follow the same guidelines as women do enrolling in EWM?

When women 50 through 64 years of age receive their annual rescreening packet, they will also receive an invitation to screen for colon cancer, a colon health history form, medical release, and educational materials on colon cancer.  The invitation will provide the woman an opportunity to receive colon cancer screening information for herself as well as for another adult (male or female) over the age of 50. In this way, men will also be educated and screened. 

Participants of the Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program will need to re-enroll each year to remain eligible for colon cancer screening services throughout the duration of the CRC demonstration program.

Once the health history and medical release forms are received the program will determine, based on guidelines developed by the EWM Medical Advisory Committee, colon subgroup, which screenings clients are eligible for.  Not everyone who enrolled will be eligible for screening through NCP.

How can we, as providers, help the NebraskaColon Cancer Screening Program reach its goals?

EWM Providers can help promote the new program services to all clients who come into their clinic offices for services.  Research shows that the most important determinant of client screening is provider recommendation for the screening.

What are the responsibilities for the clinics?

Responsibilities of the clinics include the following:         
1) Encourage clients to be screened for colon cancer; and 2) You will be notified of the test results for all clients of your clinic screened through the program from one central lab. It is the clinic’s responsibility to notify each client of their test results and whether further testing is required.


In order to participate in the NCP all screening tools Fecal Occult Blood Tests (FOBT) or colonoscopy procedures, must be approved and provided through NCP.  If you provide your clients with a non-NCP FOBT kit, they cannot enroll in the NCP even if results are positive.


Is there additional paperwork for clinics?

At this time there is no additional paperwork for the clinics unless the client needs further treatment services after a positive Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT).


Is there a body governing screening and treatment protocols?

Yes. The Every Woman Matters Medical Advisory Committee oversees the program protocols. Click here for more information on the committee.


Is there a formal protocol for determining screening eligibility?

Yes. Please click to view the PDFEligibility Algorithm, the PDFDistribution Algorithm, the PDFPolyp Algorithm, the PDFFollow Up and Treatment Algorithm and the PDFNCP Policies.


For more information, contact:
Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program
301 Centennial Mall South, 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 94817
Lincoln, NE 68509-4817
In Lincoln:  (402) 471-0929
Outside Lincoln:  (800) 532-2227
Fax: (402) 471-0913 or (402) 742-2379
TDD: (800) 833-7352

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