Board Requirements and Vacancies test page
Board Requirements and Vacancies 
  • Click on the name of the board below for the statutory requirements. These must be met in order to be considered for the position.
  • If there is a current vacancy on a specific board, you will see a Yes in the Vacancy column below. Click on the Yes to see the instructions page with a link to the applicable application(s).
  • The Board Member Data Sheet linked below must accompany your application. 
Board Vacancy
Board of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses No
Board of Alcohol & Drug Counseling Yes
Board of Athletic Training No
Board of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology No
Board of Chiropractic No
Board of Cosmetology, Electrology, Esthetics, Nail Technology and Body Art Yes
Board of Dentistry No
Board of Emergency Medical Services Yes
Board of Funeral Directing & Embalming No
Board of Health Yes
Board of Hearing Instrument Specialists No
Board of Massage Therapy Yes
Board of Medical Nutrition Therapy Yes
Board of Medical Radiography Yes
Board of Medicine and Surgery Yes
Board of Mental Health Practice Yes
Board of Nursing No
Board of Nursing Home Administration Yes
Board of Occupational Therapy Practice Yes
Board of Optometry No
Board of Pharmacy No
Board of Physical Therapy No
Physician Assistant Committee No
Board of Podiatry No
Board of Psychology No
Board of Registered Environmental Health Specialists Yes
Board of Respiratory Care Practice No
Board of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery No
Nebraska Center for Nursing Board Yes
Nursing Home Advisory Council No
Submit Applications for Positions Appointed
by the State Board of Health to:
​Submit Applications for Positions Appointed
by the Governor to:
DHHS Division of Public Health
Licensure Unit, RPQI
PO Box 95026
Lincoln NE 68509-5026
Phone: 402-471-6515 
Kathleen Dolezal
Nebraska Governor's Office, State Capitol
PO Box 94848
Lincoln NE 68509-4848
Phone: 402-471-2256
If you have questions, please contact Monica Gissler.
Phone: 402-471-6515
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