How to get access to PDMP system


Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

How to get Access to PDMP system

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NEW -  PDMP User Access Request Form

             In order to facilitate provisioning and other registration 
             process for the Nebraska PDMP, we have moved to an 
             online form to improve efficiency.  These forms must be 
             completed online and are no longer available to
             download.  The PDMP provisioning process may take 
             approximately 2 weeks to complete once all correct 
             information is received and mandatory PDMP training is 

      PDMP User Access Request Form Instructions

      Out of State License Attestation Form.pdfOut of State License Attestation Form


After completing the provisioning process and setting up your individual user account, use this link to access the Nebraska Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. 


If you are a licensed prescriber and/or dispenser, and would like to have access to view PDMP data including patient search features, please complete the form and submit to or 1-866-550-6007.  For best results, complete the form using Internet Explorer.

If you are an existing Health Information Exchange (HIE) member and licensed prescriber and/or dispenser, you will be registered as a PDMP user by NeHII.  

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is housed on the Health Information Exchange platform and managed in collaboration with DHHS as established in 2011, LB 237.  The PDMP is available on the HIE 2.0 platform and is a medication history tool.  The PDMP is available to all physicians and pharmacists in Nebraska at no cost.

The PDMP system allows physicians and pharmacists to access their patients' information for display using the DrFirst Medication History service.  The medication history service connects to the hosting service to deliver the patient's medication history to the requestor.
For any questions or further assistance, please contact NeHII at the following email address or call 402-506-9900. 


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