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Occupational Safety and Health Surveillance


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ManufacturingSpotlight.pdfManufacturingSpotlight4/16/2014 9:37 AMSystem Account4/15/2014 11:05 AMApproved
Industry Profile2014206 KB 4/15/2014
Industry Spotlight: Manufacturing provides a brief review of occupational health and safety data in Nebraska's Manufacturing industry.
manufacturing, data, injury, illness, factory, workers, factsheet
TransporationWarehousing.pdfTransporationWarehousing3/13/2014 1:35 PMSystem Account3/13/2014 1:19 PMApproved
Industry Profile2014156 KB 3/13/2014
Nebraska Industry Spotlight: Transporation and Warehousing provides a brief review of occupational health and safety data in the transportation and warehousing industry.
industry, profile, truck, truckers, warehouse, data, injuries, illness, employement, fatalities, deaths,
NebraskaFeed.xmlNebraskaFeed3/11/2014 2:49 PMSystem Account8/27/2013 3:11 PMApproved
None20146 KB 3/11/2014
Nebraska's clearinghouse feed
clearinghouse occupational health
SurveillanceDataUpdate.pdfSurveillanceDataUpdate3/7/2014 10:55 AMSystem Account3/7/2014 10:49 AMApproved
Factsheet2014199 KB 3/7/2014
workers, deaths, injury, injuries, illness, nebraska, facts, health, safety,
NebraskaOccupationalHealthIndicators20002009.pdfNebraskaOccupationalHealthIndicators200020092/27/2014 2:07 PMSystem Account2/27/2014 12:55 PMApproved
Data Reports2014937 KB 2/27/2014
The report presents a review of 20 occupational health indicators from 2000 to 2009 and a comparison of Nebraska occupational health data with national data.
indicators, occupational health, workers, safety, injuries, illnesses, data
CSSforOccHealthSite.cssCSSforOccHealthSite1/27/2014 9:37 AMSystem Account12/19/2013 10:48 AMApproved
2 KB 12/19/2013
FatalWorkInjuries2003-2012.pdfFatalWorkInjuries2003-20121/22/2014 11:06 AMSystem Account1/21/2014 4:36 PMApproved
Data Report2014155 KB 1/21/2014
A data chart of the number and rate of fatal work-related injuries in Nebraska from 2003-2012.
occupational fatalities cfoi
OHIs_Summary_Report_2012.pdfOHIs_Summary_Report_2012Nebraska Occupational Health Indicators Report, 20121/16/2014 4:27 PMSystem Account12/31/2012 4:28 PMApproved
Data Reports2012393 KB 5/24/2013
A summary of occupational health indicators. This report include data from 2009 and comparisons to the U.S.
2011NOSHPAnnualReport.pdf2011NOSHPAnnualReport2011 NOSHP Annual Report1/16/2014 4:26 PMSystem Account10/17/2012 9:53 AMApproved
Program Documents201133 KB
2012NOSHPAnnualReport.pdf2012NOSHPAnnualReport2012 NOSHP Annual Report1/16/2014 4:26 PMSystem Account10/17/2012 9:54 AMApproved
Program Documents2012229 KB
2013NOSHPAnnualReport.pdf2013NOSHPAnnualReport2013 NOSHP Annual Report1/16/2014 4:26 PMSystem Account10/8/2013 2:58 PMApproved
Program Documents2013220 KB
ByTheNumbers.pdfByTheNumbersBy The Numbers - Pesticide Poisoning In Nebraska1/16/2014 4:26 PMSystem Account5/24/2013 1:26 PMApproved
Educational Materials2013326 KB
Construction.pdfConstruction1/16/2014 4:26 PMSystem Account1/10/2014 10:25 AMApproved
2014127 KB 1/10/2014
LeadPoisoningInAdults.pdfLeadPoisoningInAdultsPreventing Lead Poisoning in Adults1/16/2014 4:26 PMSystem Account10/7/2013 12:43 PMApproved
Educational Materials20133426 KB
LeftNav.txtLeftNav1/16/2014 4:26 PMSystem Account10/3/2012 10:44 AMApproved
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ManagementGuidelinesforAdults.pdfManagementGuidelinesforAdultsManagement Guidelines For Blood Lead Levels in Adults1/16/2014 4:26 PMSystem Account10/9/2013 3:33 PMApproved
Guidance Documents2013153 KB
NOSHPFactsheet.pdfNOSHPFactsheetNOSHP Factsheet1/16/2014 4:26 PMSystem Account10/11/2013 3:29 PMApproved
2013303 KB
OccupationalHealthProfile.pdfOccupationalHealthProfileNebraska Occupational Health Profile1/16/2014 4:26 PMSystem Account6/27/2013 4:03 PMApproved
Data Reports2013365 KB 6/27/2013
OHITrackingGuideAug2012.pdfOHITrackingGuideAug2012Occupational Health Indicators: A Guide for Tracking Occupational Health Conditions and Their Determinants1/16/2014 4:26 PMSystem Account11/16/2012 10:28 AMApproved
Guidance Documents20121517 KB
NebraskaOHIReport2013.pdfNebraskaOHIReport2013Nebraska Occupational Health Indicators Report, 201312/30/2013 9:43 AMSystem Account12/26/2013 3:15 PMApproved
Data Reports2013485 KB 12/26/2013