Title V/MCH Block Grant
     Invitation for Public Input

The Nebraska Title V team* is gearing up for the next application to the federal Health Resources Services Administration forTitle V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant Program. Each state developed a five-year Action Plan following their state’s Needs Assessment completed in 2015. Each year between the 2015 needs assessments and the next to be done in 2020, states may update next year’s Action Plan. Updates can be that we made progress, found different solutions, or are managing new issues. 
A combined application (2019) and report (2017) is due July 2018.  Looking ahead to 2019 Action Plan** that goes into the application, the focus remains onNebraska’s Top 10 Priority Needs. The “Top 10” came out of the 2015 needs assessment, and stay the same until 2020. The Action Plan is organized by 5 population domains, e.g. Adolescent Health. For now at least, we can consider if the2018 State Action Plan needs adjustments to improve performance and outcomes to tackle the “Top 10." To get started, we asked our internal MCH partners to help us. Their proposed updates were presented to the Title V Steering Committee whose members also include external stakeholders. 

Now it’s your turn! We invite your thoughts and suggestions about Nebraska’s maternal and child health needs and what works to show improvements. This may be based on your experience in your Nebraska community, your own family, or as a service provider. Input will be used to help shape Nebraska’s 2019 grant application for the period October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019.   

The proposed "2019 Action Plan" is divided into the following five domains:

Perinatal and Infant Health
Women and Maternal Health
Youth With Special Health Care Needs

As you consider your input, these helpful resources are available online to discover more about Title V in Nebraska, other states, and at a national level. 
Please send your input to Rayma Delaney at: rayma.delaney@nebraska.gov by June 29, or contact us by mail or fax:
  • mail to Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services
    Division of Public Health
    Lifespan Health Services
    P.O. Box 95026
    Lincoln, NE 68509-5026
    Attn:  Rayma Delaney
  • fax (402) 471-7049 (attention Rayma Delaney)

Input will be shared with the Title V team working on the application, which is due mid-July. Of course, questions and comments are welcome throughout the year. 

The Title V Team is made up of staff from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Public Health and Children and Families Services (divisions of DHHS).  **
The federal fiscal year 2019 begins October 1, 2018.
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