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Title V Maternal & Child Heath Block Grant
At Work In Nebraska
Title V is at work within Nebraska communities and at the state-level through Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Priorities from the statewide Needs Assessment are addressed using various strategies in the State Action Plan. To the extent feasible, actions are backed with evidence that it will make a difference. 
Community and Tribal Activities
Thirty-five percent of the 2016 Block Grant provided assistance to community-based organizations and American Indian Tribes in Nebraska to support evidence-based or evidence-informed strategies. Subawards to private and non-profit entities included local health departments, Tribal governments, and non-profit organizations. In addition to the federal portion, each of these organizations provided non-federal resources, or “match”, to broaden the support and to promote sustainability beyond the funding period. More information about those projects are featured in aSynoposis, including links to each subrecipient website.
Many subaward opportunities are announced on the DHHS Grants and Contract Opportunities webpage, including any future Request for Applications of the anticipated 2018 and 2019 Title V MCH Block Grant. Subscribe to the page to be notified by email when there is an update.

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State-level Programs and Infrastructure
Within Nebraska DHHS, a number of State-level programs with MCH activities, receive support from the Title V MCH Block Grant.  State funds and cash revenue share in the cost to implement state-level MCH activities and infrastructure. 
Visit the DHHS webpages to learn more about the state-level programs and infrastructure supported in part with Title V MCH Block Grant. 
* Other state-level includes Title V MCH Block Grant funding for these DHHS programs/units:
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