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CHW Roles

What is A Community Health Worker In Nebraska?  

Community Health Workers go by many different titles depending upon where they might work or the jobs they do. Titles could include: Health Navigator, Patient Navigator, Social Worker, Patient Advocate, Client Advocate, Community Health Advisor, Community Health Educator, Liaison, Promoter/Promotora, Lay Health Ambassador, and/or Outreach Worker.

The primary role of a Community Health Worker (CHW) is to advocate, educate and connect. The scope or practice may include, but is not limited to:

  • Identify barriers to care, design and implement care management plans that address barriers to care
  • Assure culturally competent care
  • Perform outreach activities in the community
  • Strengthen the community understanding and acceptance of medical care
  • Increase ease of access to screening and health support
  • Perform home visits
  • Provide health education by helping clients understand their health condition(s) and develop strategies to improve their well being and health
  • Provide informal counseling and social support
  • Help manage the client’s schedule of appointments and tests
  • Serve as a communication link between providers
  • Give appropriate referrals that address client’s needs
  • Build the trust between healthcare professionals and communities
  • Deliver an effective and affordable way for healthcare systems to ensure -high standards of client care
  • Provide interpretation services (when necessary)



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