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Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)
Safe Injection Champion Program
Nebraska DHHS is funded by CDC to recruit and train injection safety champions at every location in Nebraska where injections and IV infusions are administered.  

One and Only Campaign
In 2016 Nebraska was named as one of the partner states for the “One and Only” national safe injections campaign. The “One and Only” campaign provides Nebraska DHHS direct access to subject matter experts and additional resources for this initiative. Visit the campaign's Nebraska Partner Page to learn more.
Safe Injection Champions
A safe injection champion will have the following responsibilities:
  • Stay updated on the latest safe injection practices by successfully completing one of the “Safe Injection Champion” courses
  • Audit the injection practices in their facility
  • Spread new information insuring the competency of the healthcare workers in their place of employment.

Safe Injection Champion Course
The safe injection champion curriculum is applicable to all types of healthcare providers. The curriculum includes key points for injection safety including safe disposal and point of care testing. The course is 68 minutes in length. Continuing education is available. The details are in the continuing education handout below.

Benefits of having a Safe Injection Champion at your facility:

  • Recognition to your customers of using a critical patient safety practice
  • Having a knowledgeable employee on staff who can monitor safe practice
  • Intentional routine auditing of practice by an employee for patient safety
  • Receiving new information as practice changes and “best practices” are shared
  • Free information and resources as the program is funded with ELC grant

Get Started: Take the Becoming a Safe Injection Champion Course
The Safe Injection Champion program includes viewing the course and passing the competency examination. The program slides, an index to use if you need to start and stop the program and continuing education information is below. Please select the link below to enroll and take the first step in Becoming a Safe Injection Champion.

Begin the Course




Continuing Education Information 

Documents in PDF PDF format require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free from Adobe Systems, Inc.
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