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Every Woman Matters (EWM) is a program that can help women get health check-ups. EWM may pay for exams based on health history and program guidelines. 
Here are the services EWM may provide:
Every Woman Matters Screening Program:
Screening means regular testing (such as a mammogram or a Pap test) to see if a person is healthy or sick. 
Every Woman Matters Diagnostic Program:
Diagnostic means there may be a problem (such as a breast lump or an abnormal Pap test) that needs to be diagnosed, or find out the cause. 
Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening: (women 40-74)
Breast Diagnostic Services: (women 18-74)
·         Pelvic exam
·         Pap test
·         Clinical breast exam
·         Screening mammogram
·         Breast ultrasounds
·         Diagnostic mammograms
·         Surgical consultations
·         Breast biopsies
Heart Disease & Diabetes Screening: (women 40-74)
Cervical Diagnostic Services: (women 21-74)
·         Blood pressure check
·         Cholesterol check
·         Blood sugar (glucose) check
·         Health and wellness information
·         Colposcopies
·         Consultations
·         Ages 18+:  STD Screening Only – Office visit only covered
·         Ages 21-29:  Pap testing every 3 years per USPSTF Guidelines, clinical breast exam
·         Ages 30-39:  Cervical Cancer Screening cytology every 3 years or co-testing (cytology/HPV testing) every 5 years per USPSTF Guidelines)

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