Early Hearing Detection and Intervention
Advisory Committee
The Nebraska Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program was created based on the requirements identified in the Nebraska Infant Hearing Act of 2000 and the recommendations of the NE-EHDI Program Advisory Committee.

Dad holding infantIn June, 2011 the NE-EHDI Program Advisory Committee approved the following mission statement: "The Nebraska Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program develops, promotes, and supports systems to ensure all newborns in Nebraska receive hearing screenings, family-centered evaluations, and early intervention as appropriate."
Purpose: The purpose of the NE-EHDI Advisory Committee is to provide direction and guidance to the NE-EHDI Program regarding the newborn hearing screening system. Specific Advisory Committee activities include, but are not limited to, the following: 
  • To discuss and advise on the goals for the NE-EHDI Program.
  • To advise on the improvement of reporting, tracking, and follow-up protocols to effectively link the NE-EHDI Program and early intervention systems.
  • To assist in increasing the program's responsiveness to the expanding cultural and linguistic communities in the state.
  • To guide the long-term planning and evaluation of the NE-EHDI system in the state.
  • To review the semi-annual newborn screening statistics and make recommendations for program improvements.
Membership:  The membership of Advisory Committee shall be culturally and geographically representative of stakeholders with an interest in and concern for newborn hearing screening.  The Advisory Committee shall consist of not more than 20 voting members and the NE-EHDI Program Manager who is a non-voting member. 
Membership will include representatives from the following areas:
  • Audiology
  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing Community
  • Early Intervention Services (e.g. teacher, Speech-Language Pathologist) and Early Intervention Coordination
  • Ears, Nose, and Throat Specialist/Otorhinolaryngologists or Otologist
  • Family Support
  • Hospitals (preferably hearing screening coordinator)
  • Parents
  • Pediatrics
  • Public Health
Early interventionist playing with pre-schooler with a hearing aid. Mother, baby, nurse in newborn nursery Father playing with infant
The Advisory Committee meets semi-annually and is open to the public.
  • Chair: Stacie Ray - Audiologist, Barkley Center for Communications - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Vice-Chair: Katie Brennan - Speech Language Pathologist, Barkley Center for Communications - University of Nebraska-Lincoln            
  • Nina Baker - Advocate, PTI-Nebraska
  • Laura Beshaler - Audiologist, Millard Public Schools
  • Jenna Browning - Audiologist, Boystown Clinic
  • Jenny Corum - Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Linsay Darnall Jr. - Deaf Community, Consultant
  • Nancy Hengelfelt - OB Director, York General Hospital
  • Kristin Jolkowski - Audiologist, Lincoln Public Schools
  • Kim Jae Kang
  • Ashley Kaufman - Audiologist, Boys Town
  • Kelly Rausch - Parent
  • Colleen Richart - Parent
  • Karen Rolf - Associate Professor, Grace Abbott School of Social Work, University of Nebraska, Omaha
  • Pete Seiler - Deaf Advocate
  • Pam Zegers - Pediatrician, Complete Children's Health Lincoln   


  • Amy Bunnell - Early Development Network Coordinator - Nebraska Department of Education
  • Sue Czaplewski- Regional Programs for students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Nebraska Department of Education
  • Julie Docter Nebraska DHHS Medicaid & Long-Term Care Program Coordinator School Based Services Unit/EDN & MIPS/NEBMAC
  • Cole Johnson - Planning Region Team Coordinator-SPED - Nebraska Department of Education
  • Joan Luebbers - Head Start Collaboration Office Director - Nebraska Department of Education
  • Laurie Miller - School Based Services/EDN - DHHS - Medicaid & Long-Term Care 
  • Sara Peterson - Deaf Educator, ESU #13 - Nebraska Department of Education
2018/2019 Meeting Dates: meetings locations are posted on the web site for public announcements 


·  November 8, 2018 - NET Nebraska, Lincoln NE

·  May 9, 2019 - Nebraska Children's Home Society, OmahaNE

·  November 14, 2019 - NET Nebraska, Lincoln NE
Past Meeting Minutes 


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