Welcome to the Vital Records Electronic Registration System (ERS-II) Tutorial

Nebraska Physician's Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) Tutorial The Nebraska Physician's EDRS Tutorial has be been designed to familiarize physicians and their staff with the ease and convenience of completing Nebraska's death certificates electronically. The electronic death certificate registration system will replace the standard paper death certificate. The EDRS certificate will be initiated by a participating EDRS funerals director. He/she will electronically complete his portion of the death certificate and then notify the physician's office that they may complete the medical portion. Once the physician has completed and saved the medical portion with their unique ID and password, it will be returned electronically to the funeral director for registration. The benefit of electronically completing the medical portion of the death certificates is that it may be completed in the physician's office using their computer system following current office procedures. Additionally by using the ERDS the physician can help reduce the time it now takes to register and issue death certificates to the family. Following review of the Nebraska Physician's EDRS Tutorial feel free to contact our office at (402) 471-0919 or Jackie Stanford at Jackie.stanford@hhss.ne.gov for additional information. For best viewing of this tutorial, please ensure your monitor is set at a resolution of 1024x768. For best printing, please print pages in a Landscape setting.

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