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Resources and Reports
This is a simple guide that puts rules in writing to clearly set driving expectations and limits. Although verbal agreements are used quite often, parents feel that a written agreement lays out the rules more clearly, teens will follow written rules better than verbal and holds parents and teens more accountable. Work with your teen to outline driving expectations and update as needed. This is a great tool to keep your teen safe on the road.
This is a summary of Nebraska’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) driving restrictions for teens 14 to 17 years of age. A resource for both parents and teens that have questions about Nebraska’s law.
Nebraska Department of Motor VehiclesKey
Information on how to obtain a license and learn about Nebraska’s Graduated Driver Licensing system. The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program is also available to parents in providing guidance on how to teach your teen to drive.
Learn more about the four types of driving permits.
NDOT Highway Safety Office
Provides data on teen related crashes and information on various motor vehicle related safety information.
Project Extra Mile
A statewide network of community partnerships in Nebraska working to prevent underage drinking and youth access to alcohol. Our mission is to create a community consensus that underage alcohol use is illegal, unhealthy, and unacceptable. We believe that the issue of underage drinking should not fall solely on the shoulders of young people, but squarely at the feet of the adults in the community. We have the ability, as leaders, teachers, policy-makers, concerned citizens and parents, to change the environment and challenge social norms surrounding underage drinking.
Does paying for driver’s education really pay off? Read the UNL new release about the effectiveness of driver’s education in reducing teen-related crashes and tickets.
Centers for Disease Control and Injury Prevention
This web page provides parents tools to encourage safe driving behavior for their teen including the “Parents Are The Key to Safe Teen Drivers” campaign.
Parent-Teen Driving Agreement
One of the best ways to clearly determine expectations for your teen driver is to have a driving agreement. The agreement can include your specific rules and restrictions for when your teen drives. It can complement and go beyond state Graduated Driver Licensing laws.
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - Research Institute: Teen Driver Source
Teen Driver Source contains research based information and tools to help parents help their teen be a safe and responsible driver.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
From car seat to car keys, the NHTSA provides parents tools on setting ground rules and knowing state laws in order to help keep their teen driver safe.

State Farm® Teen Driver Safety
Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens. State Farm is committed to helping end these tragedies. We invite you to explore and use this comprehensive website, which is filled with free tools, tips, and resources designed to help teens and their parents throughout the learning-to-drive process.
This website provides extensive, state-specific information and useful tools to help parents and teens through the learning-to-drive process.  The site contains information on graduated driver licensing stages, a downloadable Parent-Teen Driving Agreement, tips on choosing the right car, and much more.  Teens can access interactive exercises, quizzes, and games and sample driving test questions for the licensing exam.  This site gives parents and teens the tools needed to cruise through the licensing process along with valuable information that will help teens become better drivers.
Reports and Fact Sheets
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