Driving the Right Message 65% of Nebraska teens killed in a car crash were NOT wearing a seat belt. Speeding is one of the main reasons Nebraska teens crash. 23X more likely to crash while texting. Involved parents reduce their teen's crash risk by 50%.

Parents/guardians play an important role in keeping their teen safe at the wheel.  The statistics show that children learn to drive by example, meaning how you drive will directly affect how your teen drives.

Parents can instill safe driving behaviors in their novice driver by modeling safe driving behaviors such as using a seat belt on every trip, not using a cell phone while driving and obeying traffic laws. 

Do you know how important you are?

Teens with involved parents/guardians are:

  • Twice as likely to use their seat belt,
  • 70 percent less likely to drink and drive,
  • Half as likely to speed,
  • 30 percent less likely to use a cell phone while driving and
  • Significantly less likely to drive with multiple passengers.  (Source: CHOP*)

By supporting your teen driver, being involved, and modeling safe driving behaviors, you can lower your teens’ crash risk by half.  This is why it is important to be driving the right message every drive and every ride.
*CHOP= Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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