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Enhanced HIV/AIDS Reporting System (eHARS)


The Enhanced HIV/AIDS Reporting System (eHARS) is a browser-based application provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). Nebraska’s HIV Surveillance Program uses eHARS to collect, manage and report Nebraska’s HIV/AIDS cases surveillance data to CDC. 

Type of Data

The data are population-based for ongoing surveillance.

Data Collection Method and Availability

All information is entered and stored in eHARS (Enhanced HIV/AIDS Reporting System). All information obtained from reported cases is entered into a case report and this information is then entered into eHARS. The data have been collected from 1983 to present in real-time.

The eHARS database is not available for sharing or use by the Division of Public Health (DHHS). All data requests must be made to the HIV Surveillance Coordinator who will then fulfill the data requests following the program’s confidentiality and release of data policies.

To protect the privacy of persons with HIV disease in Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services will only release total numbers of HIV/AIDS cases by any breakdown if the cell size is 3 or greater. The exception to this is when providing statewide data. HIV/AIDS data by county will only be given if the cumulative number of reported cases is 5 or more. Selected variables will only be given for counties having 25 or more cases, and then only when the cell size is greater than 3.

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