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Tobacco Retail Licensees (SYNAR)


Annually, Nebraska is required to test the under aged rate of compliance for tobacco sales. The Tobacco Retail Licensee database records the number of licensed tobacco retailers in the state. From this list of retailers a random sample of tobacco licensees is selected to undergo compliance checks by State Patrol Area. The accompanying data include the compliance or non-compliance of the required age restrictions for tobacco sales to minors (less than 18 years). The data sets contain the names, addresses and type of business and are used as the basis for the annual SYNAR report of the Substance Abuse Block Grant application process.

Type of Data

Retail tobacco license holders

Data Collection Method and Availability

Until 2010, a commercial business list from INFO USA was purchased to eliminate businesses that do not sell tobacco products as well as a parallel list of Tobacco Licenses collected by annual solicitation of the 512 municipal and 93 county clerks of the state. Annual tobacco licenses expire December 31 of each year and after 2010 are used exclusively. The data have been collected annually since 1999 and are available for each of the years independently.

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