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Public Health Data Inventory

Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System


The Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System (PedNSS) is a national public health surveillance system that describes the nutritional status of low-income infants and children who attend federally-funded child health and nutrition programs. In Nebraska, all of the data are collected through the Nebraska WIC Program in coordination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). WIC state and local agencies utilize PedNSS information to: Identify priority areas for education and targeting of services; monitor progress toward program objectives; and evaluate program effectiveness.

Type of Data

The data are program-level for ongoing surveillance.

Data Collection Method and Availability

Data are collected at the clinic level then aggregated at the state level and submitted to CDC for analysis. When multiple visit records are submitted for a child during the reporting period, CDC creates a unique child record following specific selection criteria that may contain some data from all available records. CDC then calculates the nutrition-related indices and sends each contributor agency a series of annual tables that summarize the prevalence and trends of nutrition-related indicators by age of child and race/ethnicity. PedNSS data have been collected annually since 1982. In 2012, CDC discontinued the Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System. The final data year available is 2011. Historical data are available from the data contact.

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Data Contact

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Public Health
Nebraska WIC Program
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2781

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