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Public Health Data Inventory

Lead-Based Paint Program Data


Lead is a toxic metal that can damage the human body. It can be found in and around painted surfaces in homes built prior to 1978, in soil, and in some consumer products. Exposure to lead can cause lead poisoning. Children under the age of 7 are most at risk, but lead poisoning can be prevented. The Nebraska Lead-Based Paint Program regulates the abatement contractors, individuals, and training providers that make up the lead industry. The program collects information from project notification forms, inspection reports, and clearance reports. Data are entered into a database to provide a record of lead-based paint activity.

Type of Data

The data are program level for ongoing surveillance.

Data Collection Method and Availability

The program receives project notifications from licensees conducting lead abatement projects, as well as notifications from training providers that teach both initial and refresher courses for each of the individual disciplines. Data are entered into a database, and the following information is recorded: property owner name, address, phone number, date/time of project start, date/time of project end, location of project, and licensee information. The program inspects and audits these regulated entities and provides an enforcement presence to ensure the safety of individuals who may become exposed to this environmental hazard. Data have been collected from 2001 to present in real time.

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Data Contact

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