Public Health Data Inventory

Influenza Laboratory Surveillance


Database includes the number of total influenza tests performed and the total number of positive influenza tests, both influenza A and influenza B, from approximately 90 laboratories statewide. This information helps determine what percentage of the population may be getting sick with the flu (the activity level of influenza) across the state.

Type of Data

The data are program-level for ongoing surveillance.

Data Collection Method and Availability

On a weekly basis, Nebraska laboratories submit data (number of rapid influenza tests performed and number of positive) to an on-line database or via electronic laboratory reporting. Laboratories submit specimens to the Nebraska Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) for polymerase chain reaction or PCR testing and subtyping of the influenza virus. NPHL submits specimens to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to determine the strain of influenza circulating during the current season which in turn assists with the determination of next year’s influenza vaccine.

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Data Contact

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Public Health
Office of Epidemiology
301 Centennial Mall South
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