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Abortion RecordsNDHHSApproved
Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance (ABLES)NDHHSApproved
American Community SurveyUNOApproved
Animal Rabies TestingNDHHSApproved
Asbestos Control Program DataNDHHSApproved
BAC data at time of ArrestNDMVApproved
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance SystemNDHHSApproved
Birth RecordsNDHHSApproved
Cancer Registry DataNDHHSApproved
Child Care CentersNDHHSApproved
Child Death ReviewNDHHSApproved
Childhood Lead Poison Prevention Program DataNDHHSApproved
Crash Outcome Data Evaluation SystemNDHHSApproved
Death RecordsNDHHSApproved
Decennial Census (Full U.S. Headcount)UNOApproved
Divorce RecordsNDHHSApproved
Drug Recognition ExpertNDRApproved
eHARS (Enhanced HIV/AIDS Reporting System)NDHHSApproved
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)NDHHSApproved
Every Woman Matters (National Breast and Cervical Early Detection Program)NDHHSApproved
FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System)NHTSAApproved
Fetal Death RecordsNDHHSApproved
Health Professions Tracking ServiceUNMCApproved
Highway Safety Information SystemNDRApproved
Hospital Discharge DataNDHHSApproved
Hospital Discharge Injury Data (E-Code)NDHHSApproved
Hospital Utilization StatisticsNDHHSApproved
Influenza Laboratory SurveillanceNDHHSApproved
Inpatient ILI (Influenza-Like Illness) SurveillanceNDHHSApproved
Integrated Highway Inventory DatabaseNDORApproved
Lead-Based Paint Program DataNDHHSApproved
Magellan TreatmentNDHHSApproved
Marriage RecordsNDHHSApproved
Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS)NDHHSApproved
Mobile Home ParksNDHHSApproved
MRSA Infections For AthletesNDHHSApproved
National Survey on Drug Use and HealthNDHHSApproved
Nebraska Adult Tobacco Survey & Social Climate Survey (ATS/SCS)NDHHSApproved
Nebraska Birth Defects RegistryNDHHSApproved
Nebraska Clean Indoor Air ActNDHHSApproved
Nebraska Department of Correctional ServicesNDCSApproved
Nebraska Emergency Room Syndromic SurveillanceNDHHSApproved
Nebraska Family On-line Client User System (N-FOCUS)NDHHSApproved
Nebraska Liquor Control CommissionNLCApproved
Nebraska Risk and Protective Factor Student SurveyNDHHSApproved
Nebraska School Absenteeism SurveillanceNDHHSApproved
Nebraska State Immunization InformationNDHHSApproved
Nebraska Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Inventory SystemNDHHSApproved
Nebraska Student & Staff Record SystemNDEApproved
Nebraska WIC ProgramNDHHSApproved
Nebraska Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS)NDHHSApproved
NEDSS (National Electronic Disease Surveillance System)NDHHSApproved
Newborn Hearing ScreeningNDDHSApproved
Newborn ScreeningNDHHSApproved
NIBRS (Nebraska Incident Based Reporting System)NDHHSApproved
Nursing Home Utilization StatisticsNDHHSApproved
Occupational Safety and Health SurveillanceNDHHSApproved
Online Reporting of Nebraska reportable Antimicrobial-resistant Organisms (ORNAO)NDHHSApproved
Outdoor Air QualityNDEQApproved
Outpatient Influenza-like Illness SurveillanceNDHHSApproved
Outpatient Surgical DataNDHHSApproved
Parkinson's Disease RegistryNDHHSApproved
Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance SystemNDHHSApproved
Pregnancy Nutrition Surveillance SystemNDHHSApproved
Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)NDHHSApproved
Provide Case Management Software SystemNDHHSApproved
Recreation CampsNDHHSApproved
Refugee Health - NESIISNDHHSApproved
Roadway Construction InformationNDORApproved
Ryan White ProgramNDHHSApproved
Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS)NDHHSApproved
Safety Belt Usage (observation survey useage)NDMVApproved
School Food InspectionNDHHSApproved
School Health Profiles SurveyNDEApproved
Senior Center Food SanitationNDHHSApproved
Sexually Transmitted DiseasesNDHHSApproved
State Colorectal Cancer ProgramNDHHSApproved
State Minority PopulationNDHHSApproved
Summer School FoodNDHHSApproved
Swimming Pool Permits & InspectionNDHHSApproved
SYNAR (Tobacco Retail Licenses)NDHHSApproved
Traffic Safety Information SystemNDMVApproved
Trauma Registry DataNDHHSApproved
Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury RegistryNDHHSApproved
Tuberculosis (TB) DataNDHHSApproved
Tuberculosis (TB) Latent DataNDHHSApproved
Uniform Crime ReportingNCCApproved
Vehicle Title and RegistrationNDMVApproved
VTrckS (Vaccine Tracking System provided by CDC)NDHHSApproved
West Nile Virus Surveillance SystemNDHHSApproved
WISEWOMAN (Well-Integrated Screening and Evaluation for Women across the Nation)NDHHSApproved
Youth BMI Surveillance ProjectNDHHSApproved
Youth Risk Behavior SurveyNDEApproved