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Return to Activity

Assessing & Approving Return

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team of doctor, school, coach, parents, child
As a licensed health care professional, you do your best to provide guidance to the patient, family, schools, and athletic leadership to ensure the best outcome as the young person returns to activity. Not everyone will want or choose to follow this guidance, but it’s your responsibility to advocate for best practices tailored to the individual case.

The licensed health care professional stays involved throughout the patient’s recovery and, based on assessment, provides written approval for the patient to begin re-entry into normal life, including school and athletics.

Historically, concussion management focused on Return to Play, which in most cases is initiated when the patient no longer has symptoms, scores normal in neurocognitive testing, shows normal balance, and has completed a gradual Return to Play Progression.

But there has been a cultural shift. The goal in recovery has expanded from achieving Return to Play to completing a structured and safe Return to Activity.

Return to Activity equals Return to Learn plus Return to Play
Module 5 Management

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