Clinical Assessment
CRM: Clinical Assessment
Concussion Recognition & Management
Module 4 Assessment

Clinical Assessment

Getting a Good History

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injured brain & Clinical History
Look for modifiers: pre-morbidities and co-morbidities.
  • Do you have any pre-existing conditions such as depression, anxiety, learning disability, migraines, ADHD, headaches, substance abuse, encephalitis, epilepsy, etc.?
  • Have you ever had brain surgery?
  • Have you had past head injuries? What happened, and how long did it take to recover?
  • Have you had any prior episodes of any of the symptoms you’re having now?

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Whenever possible, the licensed health care professional should compare the patient’s baseline performance with post-injury performance. Consulting with family, friends, and school sources can help fill in this part of the clinical picture.

It’s important to get a good history, because there may be a strong relationship between previous issues and concussion symptoms. Note that some previous symptoms (pre-morbidities) may now be more exaggerated, and recovery may be variable. There may be more symptoms that last longer. (Co-morbidities will be discussed in greater detail later in this course.)
Module 4 Assessment

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