Clearance to Return to Play
CRM: The Act—Clearance
Concussion Recognition & Management
Module 1 Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act

Clearance to Return to Play

Clearance to Return to Play: 3 children with ball
After a concussion, it’s up to the injured athletes and their parents or guardians to follow the proper steps to obtain the document needed for clearance to Return to Play. With your help, athletes and their families can receive proper evaluation and management as well as the documentation they need to present to the school administration or club management.

Who can provide CLEARANCE to RETURN TO PLAY?

licensed health care professionals

To get CLEARANCE to RETURN TO PLAY, the student-athlete or athlete must:

licensed health care professionals

When a young person has sustained a concussion, it’s essential to actually see and evaluate the patient before signing off on clearance to Return to Play. You can’t simply say, "You’re good to go back in ten days."

The child’s Return to Play must be gradual, individually structured, and carefully monitored. You can also help the athlete understand what documentation he or she will need to submit to resume play.

View an example of a Return to Play Clearance Form.

young men in judo throw
See Module 5 for more on management of the Return to Play Progression.

Module 1 Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act

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