Removal from Play
CRM: The Act—Removal from Play
Concussion Recognition & Management
Module 1 Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act

Removal from Play

Removal from Play: coach motioning "out" with hand gesture
Removal from Play is taking a young athlete out of the game when a concussion is suspected until evaluated by a licensed health care professional. It also means keeping the young person out of risky activities during treatment and recovery, not just the activity he or she was taking part in when the injury took place.

Unlike many colleges and universities, schools and club sports programs may lack protocols and armies of athletic trainers and medical professionals to help determine when a youth needs to be removed from play. It may fall to you, as a licensed health care professional, to help prevent young athletes from going back in after sustaining a concussion. Young people in your care will need your assistance to help manage their concussion symptoms.

Removal from Play and Return to Play

Why Licensed Health Care Professionals Need to Make the Call

REMOVAL FROM PLAY is an important component
of the Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act
that involves removal, notification, and resumption.

Removal, Notification, & Resumption
2013 Survey of Athletic Directors chart

In a 2015 survey of athletic directors conducted by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services:

  • 82% reported that coaches or athletic trainers always remove an athlete with a suspected concussion from play.

  • Of that 82%:

    • 96% reported that an athlete’s parents or guardians are always notified after a suspected concussion.

    • 97% reported that their school requires an athlete with a suspected concussion to be cleared by a health care professional before returning to play.

  • These survey results imply that 18% of Nebraska coaches or athletic trainers may have chosen not to remove from play an athlete with a suspected concussion.

Module 1 Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act

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