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Concussion Recognition & Management
Module 1 Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act


Education: doctor instructing coach
Education is integral to the law. The Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act requires that responsible entities provide brain injury information to coaches and parents as well as to young athletes themselves.

Coaches   Parents, Student-Athletes, Athletes/Participants
Training approved by the State of Nebraska Chief Medical Officer must be made available to all coaches. Prior to the start of practice or competition, information must be provided on an annual basis.

Ideally, the law calls for education, but the reality is that not everyone will follow the law or retain information even if it is provided. When an injury takes place well into the season, parents or guardians may not remember what they read about concussion weeks or months before.

Educating yourself on best practices will benefit all involved. As you work with coaches, parents, and athletes, you can help in their education process. As a licensed health care professional, you may be the expert to whom they turn in the heat of the moment, when emotions threaten to overwhelm knowledge.

View an approved source of concussions information, maintained by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services for Nebraska coaches and parents.

When in Doubt, Sit ’Em Out
Module 1 Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act

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