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CRM: The Act—Purpose
Concussion Recognition & Management
Module 1 Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act

The Purpose

In what circumstances does the Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act apply?

Circumstances for Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act
football skirmish
The Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act establishes the minimum for what should be done when a young athlete suffers a concussion. Care can — and should — go beyond this legal minimum. Though the Concussion Awareness Act affects parents, coaches, and adults working with children in pay-for-play activities, these adults may lack your level of knowledge and awareness. Typically they will look to a licensed health care professional as the expert. It’s vital to educate yourself so you're ready to educate all involved in order to protect our youth.

The Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act features
of model concussion awareness legislation:

Education Removal from Play Clearance to Return to Play Return to Learn
Module 1 Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act

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