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Credentialing Review (407) Program

Dental Auxiliary Credentialing Review

All documents are PDF in PDF format)

Application for Credentialing

Technical Committee Meetings 

Date Time​ Location​ ​Minutes
​Sept 11, 2014
​ 2:00 p.m. ​State Office Bldg
Oct 20, 2014
9:00 a.m. State Office Bldg
Nov 13, 2014
​ 2:00 p.m. State Office Bldg
​Dec 8, 14
​ 9:00 a.m. ​State Office Bldg
​Jan 8, 15
​ ​9:00 a.m. ​State Office Bldg


PDF Criteria for Review Process for Change in Scope of Practice


PDF NDHA Proposal
PDF NDA Proposal
PDF Orientation for Scope of Practice and New Credentialing Reviews
PDF TR Proposal Introduction

Public Hearing Documents

PDF Format & Procedures for the Public Hearing
PDF Comments by TRC
PDF Questions from TRC

Related Documents 

PDF Dental Statute 2013
PDF Historical Background - NDA 407 Introductory Comments
PDF Sep 2014 Deb Schardt Memo on NDHA Position
PDF March 2014 Order on Declaratory Ruling
PDF Rules and Regs Governing the Peformance of Duties by Dental Hygienists and other Dental Auxiliaries
PDF Alternative Workforce Models Chart
PDF Dental Assistant Duties and Functions
PDF Expanded Functions - Dental Assistant
PDF Search by State
PDF Dental Assistant Comparison Chart
PDF Dental Hygienist Comparison Chart
PDF Dental Assistant Education Program Standards
PDF Dental Board Newsletter May 2014
PDF 407 TRC Meeting 1 Clarification Letter
PDF PHRDH State Shortage Areas in General Dentistry
PDF Nebraska DDS in Private Practice
PDF Dental Offices in Nebraska 25-mile Radius
PDF 407 NDA NDHA Comparison - Hygienists
PDF 407 NDA NDHA Comparison - Dental Assistants 
PDF State-Designated Shortage Areas - General Dentistry
PDF OHAYC Final Report 2013
PDF National Governors Association Paper
PDF NDHA Attorney General Chapter 53 Not Approved
PDF State-Designated Shortage Areas - Oral & Allied Health
PDF Access to Oral Health Care in Nebraska - Chandak 2013
PDF Report of the Director for Anesthesia Review
PDF Reversal Agents for Local Anesthesia Supporting Evidence
PDF 2013 Pediatric Anesthesia
PDF 7111 Dental Hygiene Diagnosis Postition Paper
PDF The Laggards of Dental Hygiene
PDF RE: Supervision Level for Local Anesthesia (e-mail)
PDF 407 Memorandum from October 20th
PDF 407 TRC Meeting Two Clarification Letter
PDF Dan Path I and II
PDF Dental Sedation Death and Injuries - Part 1
PDF Dental Sedation Death and Injuries - Part 2
PDF Child Deaths from Anesthesia
PDF Dimensions of Dental Hygiene
PDF Elwood Care Home Letter
PDF NDA Letter Dr. Wieting 
PDF NDA Response Letter from NDHA
PDF Final DA New Scope Proposal June 19, 2013 Chart Only
PDF Toothwisdom Chart
PDF Proposed Dental Hygienist Prescriptive Authority
PDF Dental Hygienists Tiers Final June 19, 2013 Chart Only 
PDF TR Corrections from NDA Letter 11/10/14 with Letterhead
PDF Public Health RDH Seeking Dental Referrals
PDF Hygiene-based Oral Health Provider Models
PDF 407 Committee Questions - Meeting #3
PDF 2014 Schardt LB484 RDH Jobs
PDF 2011 ADA Breaking Down Barriers Oral Health Workforce
- Expansion of the Dental Workforce Frequently Asked Questions (link to outside site) 



PDF NDHA Letter of Intent

NDA Letter of Intent


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