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​  Welcome from the Chief Executive Officer


Courtney N. Phillips, CEO 

Courtney N. Phillips, CEO

Department of Health
and Human Services
State of Nebraska


The Department of Health and Human Services team contributes to the lives and health of Nebraskans every day.  Our mission, “Helping people live better lives,” provides the motivation to make a difference.
Some DHHS programs impact all Nebraskans; for example, we educate and protect people through public health activities like ensuring clean and safe drinking water and we license and certify all health care professionals. We also touch our state’s most vulnerable citizens. Our services assist the elderly, low income and those with disabilities; we provide safety to abused and/or neglected children and vulnerable adults; and thousands of Nebraskans rely on the services of our ten 24-hour facilities.
At every level of our organization, our goal is to be honest, trustworthy, competent and loyal.  We strive to be transparent and accountable.  We’ve established a set of Values and Core Competencies to guide how we work to achieve our mission and effectively serve Nebraskans. 
We hope the DHHS Web site provides the information you want.  Please subscribe to favorite pages and feel free to contact us.
Thank you.

DHHS Business PlanThe DHHS Business Plan details priority initiatives from January, 2016 through June, 2017.  It outlines Department priorities, defines goals, identifies deliverables, and measures progress.  It also demonstrates a new level of transparency and accountability in our work to help people live better lives, with a commitment to better government, integrity and fiscal responsibility.
Action Center
Real Questions, Real Concerns, Real People. DHHS Helpline: 1-800-254-4202
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