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The Nebraska Council on Developmental Disabilities awards federally funded subawards to subrecipients who promote the goals and objectives outlined in the Council's five-year state plan. Eligible applicants are profit and nonprofit entities, state agencies, institutions of higher education, or local subdivisions of government. Two types of subawards are awarded: Opportunity and Formal.

  • The Council sets aside $40,000 annually for Opportunity Subawards. These awards do not exceed $15,000 and can focus on any of the five-year state plan goals. Generally, these Requests for Applications (RFAs) are announced in December and June with the one-year subawards beginning in April and October. RFAs may be released outside of these dates if funds are available.
  • The Council awards Formal Subawards annually. Typically, these subawards range in funding from $20,000 to $50,000. Formal Subawards are responses to RFAs related to specific five-year state plan goals. These RFAs are generally announced in the spring and awarded in August. Work on these subawards begins in October.

Attention Current Subaward Recipients:

The Subaward manuals, Consumer Satisfaction Survey, Project Goals and Progress Report, and Performance Measures and Definitions documents below are for projects that are currently funded by the Council as of June 24, 2019. These forms are not to be used to apply for a new subaward.

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