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Heritage Health Reaching Out - Reaching UpA non-English speaking member was identified for case management due to his complex health needs. Based on his health risk screening, it was determined that the member had diabetes and mental health issues. In addition, the member had language barriers that impacted his ability to manage his health needs and religious beliefs that impacted his dietary requirements. Nebraska Total Care’s case manager established translation services for the member and coordinated home health services for diabetic education and in-home mental health therapy.  In addition, his case manager was able to assist him in finding a specialty food store that could accommodate his special dietary needs. He has since thanked NTC for helping him to more effectively manage his diabetes. This has allowed him remain at home and avoid hospitalization. 




Heritage Health Reaching Out - Reaching Up

A 44-year-old member with spina bifida resides with his elderly mother, who is the sole caregiver. Over the course of regular contacts with the UnitedHealthcare clinical coordinator, several needs were identified to help the member be an active part of the community, be safe in his home and also provide the mother with support and help.

Most recently, in a regular contact with the member’s service coordinator and mother, it was identified that the member could benefit from physical therapy. He had recently been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and had put on some extra weight during the winter months. The service coordinator and mother were not sure how to obtain a referral for the physical therapy that they felt he needed. The clinical coordinator called the primary care physician’s office asking if an order could be written for a physical therapy evaluation. The physician gladly wrote the order and the member received an evaluation and is currently working on home physical therapy exercises to increase his activity level.

Not only did the clinical coordinator arrange for appropriate healthcare needs, explained benefits, and answered claims questions, she provided information to the member’s mother and brother from the Aging with Dignity Associations’ Five Wishes Program. As individuals age, the physical demands become more challenging and families experience emotional strain.
The clinical coordinator helped the member and his mother connect to the right services and supports for the member to be more mobile and independent. The mother has repeatedly expressed appreciation for UnitedHealthcare clinical coordinator’s willingness to support her son’s special needs.  





Heritage Health Reaching Out - Reaching Up

A 60-year-old WellCare of Nebraska member with chronic heart disease called the CommUnity Assistance Line (CAL) for help with paying his electricity and water bills. He had already received a disconnection notice and, due to his recent cardiac rehabilitation, he was concerned that he would not be able to gather the funds before both utilities were turned off.

CAL is a referral tracker database with thousands of community organizations and activities that are available to low-income families and children such as food, education, and utility assistance; transportation, disability and homeless services; and support groups and childcare services. It is available for WellCare members as well as the public throughout Nebraska.
Community Liaisons Angela and Brenda worked together to refer the member to the Eastern Nebraska Action Partnership in Omaha. After filling out an application and meeting the income guidelines, the Partnership was able to pay $500 directly to his utility companies, preventing any shutoffs.
He was very pleased with the assistance he received from CAL and said it was a “big relief.”
“Thank you for helping me with my needs,” the member said.





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