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State Unit on Aging
"To promote the Dignity, Independence, and
                                    Freedom of Choice for Older Nebraskans"


Resources and Training

Here are some resources you may find useful.

        Nebraska Area Agency on Aging Map

Ombudsman Program Acronym Resource Sheet

Know the Facts- Assisted Living Facilities

Resources for AAAs

Senior Center List FY 2017.pdfSenior Center List FY 2017.pdf

Senior Center List FY 2017.xlsSenior Center List FY 2017

State Plan for Aging Services: FY 2015-2019

Subrecipient Documents

Surrogate Decision Making 

Surrogate Decision Making - Spanish

Senior Exploitation by Family Placemat

Senior Exploitation by Strangers Placemat

Senior Exploitation by Combined Placemat

Legal Services Capacity Assessment Report 2014


Training on Elder Issues


YouTube Video Icon Video

Safe, Secure Seniors: Legal Services to Protect Older Nebraskans - Full Program 
Many Nebraskans are being confronted with the challenges of protecting themselves and their loved ones from the threat of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Legal experts in these brief video segments will discuss some of the legal issues and point you to resources in your community to find help.

View the 3 program segments individually.


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