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What is a Medical Home?

What is a medical home?

A medical home is the place where you and/or your family go to see your primary doctor and health team when you are sick or for help with your healthcare. It is a place where all of your medical records are kept. There you have a team of professionals that are familiar with you and your medical record and are actively involved with you in all of your health care needs.

What a Medical Home Can Do For You.

  • Create a stronger relationship with your health care providers. Your doctor and the health team will know you and your medical history and help you to take charge of your health care, whether you are interested in preventive care or managing a chronic illness such as diabetes or asthma.

  • Spend more time on helping you with preventive care. Your health care team will make sure you have the necessary tests and information to catch early signs of health problems and discuss lifestyle changes or treatment possibilities that can prevent it or slow the illness.

  • Give you easier access to your health team. You will be able to set up an office visit at a time that works with your schedule. If needed, between office visits, a member of the health team may check in with you to see how you're doing or to follow up on test results.

  • Will eliminate duplicate tests. Because you have someone coordinating your care, you will be less likely to have to take the same test multiple times since your health care providers will be sharing information with each other.

  • Your input will matter. The medical home will ask your opinion on how they are doing and will involve you and your family members in decisions around your health care.

  • Ease of access to community resources. Instead of just referring you to a community resource or health provider, your medical home will help facilitate setting up the appointment and then will follow-up with you and/or the resource regarding that referral to make sure it met your needs.

Why is it good to have a medical home?

It is good to have a medical home because you get better healthcare to stay healthy. Your doctor and health team will get to know you well. Because they have the information on your health status, you will feel more comfortable talking to them about health problems or to answer your health questions. Even if you do not have any special health problems, it is always best to have a medical home to maintain regular checkups and then, if you ever do develop a health problem, you will have a “home” to go to.

What will the doctor and health team do?

Your doctor works with a health team of physicians, office nurses, physician assistants, and healthcare specialists to work with you to get the healthcare you need and to:

  • Take care of you when you are sick

  • Give your children regular checkups and immunizations (shots) to stay well

  • Help you manage disease and other conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma

  • Refer you to specialists or other healthcare providers when you need to go and

  • follow up on those appointments

  • Answer questions you have about your healthcare

  • Give you the information you need to stay healthy

What can I do to improve my medical home experience?

  • Prepare for office visits with questions you want to ask and prioritize them

  • If you are having several problems, let the office staff know that you will need sufficient time to talk to the doctor

  • Keep track of your medical test results

  • Keep a list of all medications (prescribed and over-the-counter) you use, the amount that you take, and how often

  • If you are a new patient, arrange to have your medical records transferred before the appointment

  • If you hear something that you do not understand, ask for an explanation

  • If possible, bring someone along to your visit to hear what your health care provider tells you