Nebraska Medicaid Program

Nebraska Medicaid Medical Home Pilot Program
      Last Updated: 03/14/2013

In 2009, the Nebraska Legislature passed legislation ( LB396) which requires DHHS to establish a Medicaid medical home pilot in one or two rural geographic areas by January 1, 2012. To assist DHHS in the planning and implementation of the pilot, the Governor appointed a Medical Home Advisory Council including six primary care physicians and one hospital administrator. A member of the Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee serves in an ex-officio capacity.

February 1, 2011 Implement Pilot
January 1, 2014 Pilot Evaluation Completed


CHAIR: Dr. Thomas Werner, Family Practice
Dr. Jane Carnazzo, Pediatrics
Dr. Donald Darst, Internal Medicine
Dr. Nancy Knowles, Pediatrics
Dr. Robert Wergin, Family Practice
Dr. Lissa Woodruff, Internal Medicine
Ken Klaasmeyer, Hospital Representative
(ex officio) Senator Mike Gloor, Health and Human Services Committee


Patient Centered Medical Home

Council Meeting Notice

The July 17, 2013 meeting has been postponed and will be reschedule for a later date.


Definition of Patient-Centered Medical Home:

In Nebraska, a patient-centered medical home for the Medicaid Medical Home pilot is defined as a health care delivery model in which a patient establishes an ongoing relationship with a physician in a physician-directed team, to provide comprehensive, accessible, and continuous evidence-based primary and preventive care, and to coordinate the patient’s health care needs across the health care system in order to improve quality, safety, access, and health outcomes in a cost effective manner.

Pilot Objectives

  • Align the payment methodology to the clinical practice of medicine

  • Institute a team model approach to patient care to improve quality, safety, access and health outcomes

Pilot Progress

Resource Information on Medical Home 

"With my previous doctor it felt like a series of impersonal office visits, but now it feels like the health team knows me and my medical history and I am in an ongoing two-way relationship. Even though they are looking over my care, it feels like a relationship where my opinion matters". - Satisfied Patient

“It is such a relief for us as parents to have a medical home that helps navigate the medical system for our very sick child. They include us in establishing the plan for care, but save us from the dizzying system by facilitating appointments to specialists and other health care providers.” – Satisfied Family Members

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