Nebraska Medicaid Program

Program Integrity Home

The purpose of the Program Integrity Unit is to guard against fraud, abuse, and waste of Medicaid program benefits.

Q.   What is provider fraud?
A.    Misrepresentation with the intent to illegally obtain services, payments, or other gains.


  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Billing for more costly services than rendered (upcoding)
  • Falsifying medical or billing records to obtain greater reimbursement, i.e., medically necessary documentation, prior authorization requests
  • Billing more than the charge to the general public
  • Billing for services provided by unqualified or unlicensed personnel
  • Receiving kickbacks from medical providers for referrals or use of product

Q.    What is provider abuse?
A.    Any action that results in an incorrect payment for services rendered or involving patterns of overutilization or misutilization of services without demonstrated intent or false statements.


  • Rendering or ordering excessive services, especially diagnostic tests
  • Providing services inconsistent with the diagnosis and treatment of the recipient
  • Rendering or ordering medically unnecessary services
  • Poor or unsatisfactory quality of care provided to a recipient
  • Billing recipient for remaining balance after Medicaid payment

Potential Consequences

  • Criminal investigation and/or prosecution
  • Civil monetary penalty
  • Exclusion from OIG, Medicare and/or Medicaid permanently or for a period of time
  • Referral to professional licensing board
  • Restitution of Medicaid overpayment
  • Peer review
  • Education
  • Other administrative remedies

DHHS Program Integrity Contacts:

Anne Harvey, 402-471-1718,
Betsie Steenson, 402-471-9353,
Erica Brooks, 402-471-1868,
Melissa Haecker, 402-471-9394
Lea Clauss, 402-471-1019
Darrell Gressley, 402-471-7601,
JoAnn Mauer, 402-471-6780,
Amy Towle, 402-471-8359,
Jeff Payne, 402-471-6539,
Jim Pink, 402-471-8366,
Karen Cheloha 402-471-5239