Nebraska's Money Follows the Person Project (NMFP)

Transition Plan

How does the transition process work?

  • A NMFP Transition Coordinator will provide answers to your questions about transitioning from facility-based care to home and community-based care.

  • At your request, your family, a friend, or legal guardian can be included in the transition discussion.

  • Determination and eligibility for the appropriate waiver program is made by the HCB Service Coordinator.

  • A detailed transition plan, will be made which clearly identifies where you will live ( housing), what Aged and Disabled Waiver services or Developmental Disabilities Waiver services you will require, and who will provide them ( service providers) is completed.  The transition plan will outline the role of your family member(s) and support person(s).  The transition plan will also include a profile of your medical information and must describe how your safety will be ensured.

  • If desired, brief visits and overnight stays to your new residence may be arranged with the assistance of your family or support person(s).

  • Your NMFP Transition Coordinator will maintain contact throughout the first year and complete follow-up Quality of Life Surveys to help ensure the continued success of your transition.

  • HCB Services Coordinators will maintain monthly contact to verify that your needs and supports are being met while enrolled in the NMFP project; HCB Services Coordinators will continue monthly contacts after the completion of the NMFP project.