Nebraska's Money Follows the Person Project (NMFP)

Transition Stories

Teresa’s Story

My Dad lived in nursing homes for over 5 years, and every time we thought he might be getting strong enough to move back home, he would have another setback. My Mom and I never gave up that hope, however. After diligently working to make changes to my parents’ home so that it would be handicap accessible, and after receiving assistance from the NMFP program, we were able to transition Dad out of the nursing home. My Mom and I both work during the day, so we have a caretaker for Dad while we are gone. The caretaker is just wonderful. In the evenings, Mom and I both help take care of him. Dad is so happy to be home, and it just feels like we are able to give more meaning to his life.

Betty’s Story

After spending 18 months in a Nursing Facility for a back injury, I wanted to go home to be with my husband and to see my son and daughter and grandchildren more often. I missed being home so much. It was never my intention to stay for that long in a facility, but I discovered, with the help of a NMFP Transition Coordinator, it was possible to return home to be with my husband. I am now receiving supportive services in my home which allow me to live independently. A ramp to make my home more accessible was even installed. I am so happy to be home. It’s where I should be – I can now look out on my garden, see all my children and grandchildren, and come and go as I please.

Jeremy’s Story

I am the guardian for Jeremy. Jeremy lived in an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF-MR) for over 10 years. I never thought he would be able leave the facility, because I thought his needs were too great to let him live independently in the community. After receiving information from the NMFP program about transitioning to the community, I decided to explore alternative options to the facility. I took Jeremy with me and we visited a group home which had three other roommates and providers to take care of them day and night. I could see, with the right supports, Jeremy could live safely and independently in the community. Now Jeremy lives in a group home with friends and goes to baseball games, plays basketball, and goes shopping and to the library. After living in a facility over ten years, he feels like he is part of his community now. We made the right choice.

Jesse’s Story

I lived in a nursing home for two-and-a-half years and was finally able to rent a new home. The NMFP program directed me to the Assistive Technology Project who helped to have a ramp installed to my front porch and modify my bathroom doors and countertops so I could be more independent in my house. I am taking classes now, hang out with my friends, and pretty much do whatever I want to do when I want to, which is a great thing.