Nebraska's Money Follows the Person Project (NMFP)


The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 directs the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to rebalance Medicaid long-term care spending between home and community-based services (HCBS) and facility-based long-term care.

Nebraska’s Money Follows the Person Project acts upon this directive by helping Medicaid-enrolled individuals, who are residing in nursing homes or Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Retardation (ICF/MR), transition to independent living in community-based settings.

Medicaid coverage, through the use of HCBS Medicaid Waiver programs such as the Aged and Disabled Waiver and Developmental Disabilities Waiver, will “follow” individuals from facility-based care settings to community-based living arrangements of their choice and will support them with appropriate home and community-based services.   NMFP is committed to the fulfillment of these objectives.

  • Assist up to 900 persons who are elders, persons with a physical disability, persons with a developmental disability, or persons with a traumatic brain injury to transition from nursing facility or ICF/MR care to community-based settings

  • Rebalance Nebraska’s long-term care continuum by increasing the use of community-based services, while decreasing the use of facility-based care

  • Promote choice and support community-based services and program.

NMFP supports self-direction and independence, promoting individual choice regarding community-based living arrangements or facility-care settings. NMFP helps to preserve ties with family and friends and benefits the community with diversity and the contributions of exceptional individuals.