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MMIS Replacement Project

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The Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) is the claims processing system for Nebraska’s Medicaid Program. In addition to processing claims, the MMIS supports coordination of benefits, surveillance and utilization review, federal and management reporting, and case management.

The federal government certified the current MMIS in 1978 and, although it has satisfactorily met its original objectives, it has become increasingly cumbersome to maintain and enhance because of outdated technologies in the automated application. Efforts to enhance the system over the past decade have improved some of the Medicaid Program operations.

Recognizing the need to implement new technology, and with the support of the Legislature, DHHS has embarked upon the planning phase of the MMIS replacement.  Appropriate project planning, preparation and involvement of experienced resources are key to positioning Nebraska for success in what may be the largest IT project the state will undertake.  The new MMIS will likely be the technological solution in place for the next 20-30 years, and as such, ensuring the solution meets not only today’s needs, but those in the future is paramount.  As such, it is imperative the project be well thought out and planned accordingly to reduce risks by building upon our strengths and minimizing weaknesses.

The project is currently performing the strategic planning analysis necessary for a fundamental implementation of this size.  The strategic planning analysis will include three parts:

  • Alternatives Analysis – Conduct analysis on various models for replacing the MMIS.
  • Market Analysis – Gaining market understanding for informed decision making is the primary goal of this effort.  During this project phase, the team will focus on:
    • Understanding what current solutions and capabilities are available within the vendor marketplace.
    • Identifying approaches and lessons learned from other states who have currently replaced their legacy MMIS.
    • Facilitate interaction with provider associations and their membership to address feedback and opportunities for improvement.
  • Procurement Analysis – Determine the most appropriate procurement strategy to obtain the expected solutions.

A high level schedule of the project activities can be accessed at the following link:

MMIS Replacement Estimated Planning Project Timeline

Currently, DHHS is conducting vendor demonstrations of MMIS solutions as part of our market analysis effort to increase understanding and awareness of available functionality within the marketplace.

For questions regarding the MMIS Replacement Planning Project, please send an e-mail to  More information will be published as it becomes available.


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