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Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Information

In February 2009, Congress enacted the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act ("HITECH"), as part of the federal stimulus package. The legislation included a number of provisions designed to encourage the adoption and use of health information technology, including electronic health records (EHRs) and the development of a health information exchange (HIE) infrastructure to improve health outcomes while providing cost savings efficiencies.

One of the initiatives of this legislation is the Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program. Under this program, States will distribute incentive payments to qualified Medicaid providers that adopt, implement, upgrade, or meaningfully use, certified EHR technology.

NewDHHS will be implementing a new computer system to process the Medicaid EHR Incentive payments.  This system will be in place in about October, 2014.  When the new system is implemented, providers will be able to complete their enrollment for the Nebraska Medicaid EHR Incentive Program through a web portal.  More information will be posted to this website as the implementation date approaches.

NewAll future correspondence regarding the EHR Incentive Program will only be sent to the contact email you used at the CMS EHR Registration.  It is the provider’s responsibility to ensure that this email address remains current/updated.   To review or update the contact information go to this website and modify the registration.  Be sure to click on the Submit button at the end of the registration even if no changes were made. 

New Beginning with EHR Program Year 2014, all Eligible Professionals, Eligible Hospitals and CAHs need to upgrade to 2014 Edition EHR technology.   All providers must include the 2014 CMS EHR Certification ID (ONC Certification number) on Enrollment and Attestation forms for Program Year 2014.

Attached is the CMS proposed rule change which would allow providers to submit 2011 or 2014 ONC Edition of Certified electronic health record  technology. Nebraska will updated website if finalized.  press release

The deadline for eligible hospitals to register for a payment for 2014 is November 30, 2014 (60 days after the end of the federal fiscal year). The deadline for eligible professionals to register for a payment for 2014 is February 28, 2015 (60 days after the end of the calendar year).

New Medicare payment adjustments start on January 1, 2015, for any eligible professional who has not successfully demonstrated meaningful use. Meaningful use can be demonstrated through either the Medicaid or the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. See this  CMS website for important deadlines to avoid these penalties as well as information on the hardship exceptions.  Also see this CMS Payment Adjustments and Hardship Exceptions website with more information regarding the Medicare Payment Adjustment Hardship Application Process.

Hospitals will also have Medicare payment adjustments if they have not successfully demonstrated meaningful use. See this  CMS website for information on the important deadlines and hardship exceptions for hospitals who wish to avoid these penalties.

Step 1: The registration process starts with CMS. Complete the Registration at this website:

Step 2: After completing the registration with CMS, then complete our enrollment form using the link to the instructions. The instructions provide information on how to submit the form to DHHS as well as specific information on each field on the enrollment form:

Eligible Professional (EP) EHR Incentive Program Enrollment and Attestation Form

Instructions for Eligible Professional (EP) EHR Incentive Program Enrollment and Attestation Form

2011 - 2013 Stage 1 Meaningful Use Supplement to the EP Enrollment and Attestation

2014 Stage 1 Meaningful Use Supplement to the EP Enrollment and Attestation

2011 - 2013 Instructions for Meaningful Use Supplement to the EP Enrollment and Attestation

2014 Instructions for Meaningful Use Supplement to the EP Enrollment and Attestation

Eligible Hospital (EH) EHR Incentive Program Enrollment and Attestation Form

Instructions for Eligible Hospital (EH) EHR Incentive Program Enrollment and Attestation Form

Step 3: You will receive an e-mail from DHHS if any further information is needed. All payments will be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). If you are determined to be eligible for a payment, you will receive an e-mail when the payment has been made. Hospitals will be able to review the payment calculation before the payment is actually made.

Please send any questions to our mailbox at DHHS.EHRIncentives@NEBRASKA.GOV

Tips for enrollment:

  • When sending in the enrollment form, include a copy of the contract or other supporting documentation if AIU is being claimed.
  • If Meaningful Use is being claimed, eligible professionals will need to complete both the MU Supplement (MC-150A) and the Enrollment and Attestation form (MC-150).
  • A copy of the page from the system which shows the total patient volume for the selected period.
  • The payee information and other information on the CMS registration must match what is entered on the enrollment form. If the CMS registration has incorrect information, update the CMS registration, then submit the enrollment document.
  • When selecting group reporting, be sure to list all of the Medicaid numbers that are included in that group.

EHR Incentive Program Eligibility, Requirements and Payments

Eligible Hospitals (EH):

Patient Volume Information for Eligible Hospitals
Hospital Estimated Payment Calculator
Hospital Estimated Payment Calculator Instructions
EH Slide Show Presentation

Eligible Professionals (EP)

Patient Volume Information for Eligible Professionals
EP Slide Show Presentation
FQHC/RHC Slide Show Presentation
IHS Slide Show Presentation


Public Health Meaningful Use objectives
CMS Final Rule
CMS Frequently Asked Questions
CHPL Certified Health IT Product List

DHHS Activities and Timeline

Nebraska launched the EHR incentive program on May 7, 2012. The SMHP which was submitted to CMS on June 24, 2011, was approved. An updated SMHP was submitted in October 2012 to make some changes following the Stage 2 rule changes. This updated SMHP was approved in January 2013. A link to the updated document is below. Current SMHP

Frequently Asked Questions

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Rules and Regulations:

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published the final rule for the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs on July 28, 2010. This rule outlines the requirements for participation in the programs. A copy of the final rule and up-to-date, detailed information about the programs, including eligibility, payments, meaningful use, and registration, is available on the CMS website:

DHHS Contact

Other Health Information Technology Information and Resources

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