Nebraska Medicaid Program

Fiscal Agent and Electronic Visit Verification

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Fiscal Agent

Implementation of a fiscal agent to assist in the administration of in-home care services provided by independent providers is a high priority recommendation included in the Long Term Care Redesign Plan, completed in August 2017. 

Electronic Visit Verification

Section 12006 of the 21st Century Cures Act amended the Social Security Act to mandate State Medicaid Agencies implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) use for personal care services requiring an in-home visit by a provider beginning January 1, 2019.  Home health care services will be required to utilize EVV beginning January 1, 2023.

21st Century Cures Act - EW Requirements

The document below includes the Draft Criteria for Agency Provider EVV Solutions for Nebraska providers. There will be a 30-day comment period starting on 9/6/18 through 10/5/18. Please provide any comments to

Draft Criteria for Agency Provider EVV Solutions


Questions and comments may be submitted to the FA-EVV project:

Email: Individual responses may not be provided for each question received; however, they will all be reviewed and considered for inclusion in the Frequently Asked Questions document and other project materials.

E-Fax: 402-742-2321

General Information Documents

​Date Uploaded Document Name​
​08/16/2018 ​CMS EVV Update: Deadline Delayed Until 2020
05/18/2018​ ​CMS FAQ on 21st Century Cures Act
​05/18/2018 ​CMS EVV Guidance
04/05/2018​ FA-EVV Issue Log
​​02/08/2018 FA-EVV FAQ
​01/16/2018​ EVV Presentation Part 2
​01/16/2018 TN EVV Slides
​​01/03/2018 ​AWC FEA Explanation
​​12/28/2017 EVV Presentation Part 1
​12/07/2017​ CMS EVV Presentation August 2017
​11/09/2017 Definitions FA EVV
​​10/11/2017 ​Guiding Principles


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