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​The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DD) and the Division of Medicaid & Long-Term Care (MLTC) worked together to reach out to individuals we serve, their families, guardians, advocates, providers, and other stakeholders to participate in workgroups. Workgroups included DHHS employees as well as the public.

Information from workgroups was used to submit waiver applications to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Information will also be used to make system changes and improve service delivery through our Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Redesign Project.

This webpage was the online home for the Waiver Initiative. Workgroup descriptions below link to group-specific pages. Each workgroup page has a "Subscribe" link at the top, which will allow you to receive email updates when the page has new information. 

Public Comment periods have ended.

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Group Name Link Description
Application and Eligibility 
Application and Eligibility

Reviewed how people apply for services and how decisions are made regarding eligibility for DD and HCBS waiver services.

Health and Safety Health and Safety

Reviewed health care, emergency safety restrictions, and other safety concerns. Worked on actual practice matching written protocol. Prioritized needs.

Person-Centered Planning Person-Centered Planning

Reviewed and improved tools used to ensure people are the focus of services. People have valuable gifts, contribute to the community, and have relationships. 

Prioritization and Wait List Prioritization and Wait List

Looked at the function of the DD Registry of Unmet Needs or "waitlist." Identified who should have reserved capacity in the waivers.

Provider Enrollment Provider Enrollment

Developed a provider enrollment process that allows new and qualified providers to offer services. Discussed what support is needed for new providers be successful.

Quality Improvement Quality Improvement

Considered the quality assurance currently used and identified gaps that need to be addressed. Developed performance measures to gauge improvement.

Service Definitions & Rate Methodology Service Definitions

Defined individual services using CMS guidelines. Planned a seamless transition to unbundled services. Determined payment amounts for services.

DHHS Home and Community-Based Services Stakeholder Update
Monthly Stakeholder Update Meeting open to the public. Information from DD shared. Updates given regarding other DHHS Divisions: Medicaid & Long Term Health, Children & Family Services, and Behavioral Health.

Information for the Aged and Disabled HCBS Medicaid Waiver Initiative:

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