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State Operated Services

Vocational/Habilitation at BSDC

The Beatrice State Developmental Center has a Vocational and Recreational Services team that operates independent of the 5 Intermediate Care Facilities on the campus.

While the ICF's participate in vocational and recreational activities, the individuals have full access to the array of programs provided by the Vocational and Recreational Services team.

This team is split into two departments: Vocational Services and Recreational Services.


The Vocational Services Department  consists of three focus areas:

  • Work skills acquisition
  • Community employment and production
  • Active treatmentBSDC Vocational Services

The department's primary purpose is to develop the skill and ability of the individuals at BSDC to enable them to realize and help reach their full potential and achieve the greatest degree of independence possible. 

In order to achieve this, the Vocational Services Department provides each individual appropriate active treatment based on the person's age, health, and their own personal goals.


The Recreational Services Department sponsors several social and volunteer opportunities for the individuals who live at BSDC.

Meals on WheelsVolunteer activity is one way in which the residents at BSDC can have meaningful impact on their community.

The Recreational Services Department has improved its health and wellness programs by partnering with the clinical therapy areas. This is referred to as the Integrated Therapies Program.

This program allows two or more therapy areas to work together to gain the most wellness benefit for the individual.



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