Division of Developmental Disabilities

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Service Coordination

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Nebraska’s Service Coordinators are your link to Developmental Disability Supports and Services.

The Developmental Disabilities Services Act requires that service coordination services be provided, directly or by contracted services coordination, to all Nebraska residents found to be eligible for developmental disability services.

Service Coordinators meet with people with developmental disabilities and their families to develop plans for services that can match their needs and reflect individual choices and preferences.

Service coordination not only involves the coordination of developmental disability services, but it also includes assisting individuals and their families in accessing other state and federal benefits and community resources in order to help the individuals we support live the most independent life possible.

Our service coordination team interacts with people receiving our services on a daily basis, and is comprised of compassionate employees who sincerely care about the quality of developmental disability services and those they serve.

In order to better equip service coordinators to support individuals in the community, and to ensure consistency in services being provided across the state, the Division has developed a training program for service coordination.

Not only does this training focus on the core skills necessary,  but it also has specialized modules that pin-point certain areas for the coordinators who support individuals with particular needs.

The Division provides service coordination services through staff employed by the Division.  The service coordination team is led by Sarah Briggs, the Administrator of Services.

Service coordinators and their supervisors are located in offices throughout the state.

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