Division of Developmental Disabilities 

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Community Based Services

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 The Developmental Disabilities Division is responsible for providing community based services to people with developmental disabilities in Nebraska.


Since the adult waivers were set to expire in 2010, the Division used this opportunity to assess the effectiveness of our programs and explore ways to improve them to better support people needing services.
This was accomplished through a series of public meeting in 2009 and 2010 with people in services, their families and guardians, providers, and other interested community members. The Division was also provided with a technical assistance grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to help assess ways to support individuals who want to maintain their independence and be more in control of directing their services.
During this assessment process, the Division was pleasantly greeted by many people who were very satisfied with the services they were receiving. However, many other people indicated a need for more flexible services and for some alternative services that were not currently available.
Division research and CMS technical assistance led to the conclusion that, without increasing our budget and financial resources, there were several ways to adapt and expand current programs to allow people to individualize their services to better fit their needs utilizing their current budget authorizations.
So effectively, the Division could provide better service alternatives for people without spending any more money than was already in the budget. We just needed to adapt our programs to be more flexible and expand service options to better meet the needs of the people we support.
CMS approved the program changes in mid-December 2010, and the Division is very excited to work with individuals and their families to implement the changes. We are also very excited about the opportunities the changes will provide to new individuals coming into DD services.

Please talk to your service coordinator or our local DD offices about any questions or concerns you have about your services.

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