Division of Developmental Disabilities

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Developmental Disabilities Waiver Services Program

YouTube Video Introduction:

        PDF Introduction:

YouTube Video Overview:

        PDF Overview:

YouTube Video Home and Community Based Waivers:

        PDF Home and Community Based Waivers:

YouTube Video Waiver Implementation Process:

        PDF Waiver Implementation Process:

YouTube Video Day Services:

        PDF Day Services:

YouTube Video Residential Services:

        PDF Residential Services:

YouTube Video Specialized/Division Directed Services:

        PDF Specialized/Division Directed Services:

YouTube Video Retirement Services:

        PDF Retirement Services:

YouTube Video Respite Services:

        PDF Respite Services:

YouTube Video Ancillary Services (PERS & Assistive Technology):

        PDF Ancillary Services (PERS & Assistive Technology):

YouTube Video Conclusion/Contact Information:

        PDF Conclusion/Contact Information:

Service Examples

YouTube Video Becky - Non-Specialized Services:

YouTube Video Duston - Community Supports:

YouTube Video Jeff - Habilitation Day Services & Extended Family Home:

YouTube Video Joe - Community Supports:

YouTube Video Lisa & Jillian - Supported Employment & Residential Services:

YouTube Video Stia - Community Supports:

YouTube Video LeeAnn - Community Supports:

YouTube Video Job Club:

        PDF Examples


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