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Nebraska Planning Council on
Developmental Disabilities
State Council Members

Name Representation
​Jeff Cogswell ​Family
Christi Crosby Individual
Jodi Fenner
Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services - Developmental Disability Services
Linda Walker Gardels Family
​Dale Johannes ​Individual
Seamus Kelly Family
Ken Kloke Family
​Judy Martin ​​Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services - Public Health
​Mark Mason Vocational Rehabilitation
​Jacob Massey ​Individual
Kristin Mayleben-Flott (Chair) Family
​Mary McHale ​​​Disability Rights Nebraska
Cathy J. Miller Family
​Courtney Miller ​​Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services - Medicaid and Long-Term Care and Aging Services
​Sharon Miller ​Family
Donna Montgomery University of Nebraska Kearney - Department of Education
Lorie Regier Family
​Greg (G.R.) Smith ​Individual
Wayne Stuberg, Ph.D. Munroe-Meyer Institute - University of Nebraska Medical Center
Joni Thomas ​Individual
Dee Valenti Developmental Services of Nebraska
​Haley Waggoner ​Individual
Jill Weatherly Nebraska Department of Education