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Participant & Family Page

This page is the hub for participants receiving DD services, their legal representatives, and their families. 
You also can use the Resources and Training pages. These pages are updated regularly with new information and opportunities.
Collaboration Announcement - Information about the partnership between DD and Nebraska VR.
HCBS Waivers Available for People with Developmental Disabilities - A quick look at the four Medicaid HCBS waivers that are available and may be appropriate for persons with Developmental Disabilities.   En Español aquí.
Nebraska Homestead Exemption - As a person who is eligible for DD services, you are eligible for property tax relief when you are a Nebraska homeowner. Information from the NE Department of Revenue. If you have questions, you can call 402-453-8167.
 Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network - This brochure describes Nebraska's respite provider infrastructure, basic information about responsibilities, family caregiver support, and instructions for accessing the online (or paper) orientation.
Participant Guide for Nebraska Medicaid HCBS Waivers - What to expect when you choose to receive services from a Medicaid HCBS view  printable (print two-sided) en Español
Participant Guide for Self-Direction - How to work with independent providers.  En Español aquí.
Regulation Drafts for Public Comment
The Division is in the process of writing new regulations.  For more information on the process and how you can be involved, please see the public comment page
We want to improve services in Nebraska. Nebraska is participating in a National Core Indicators (NCI) project survey that assesses the quality of life for adults receiving services from the Division. We encourage you to check our our NCI website, hosted by Monroe-Meyer Institute. Your opinions and feedback can help! 
NCI surveyors may be contacting you to participate in the survey. More details are available on these FAQs.
If you are an adult receiving DD services, or someone in your family receives DD services, read our announcement to find out more!
What are DD Services?
DD Services focus on helping eligible participants live the most independent lives possible. Goals are identified and habilitation is developed to teach participants skills to be employed, live as independently as possible, and access the community. 
The Division does not directly deliver services. DD provides funding and oversight of community-based providers. The oversight is completed by DD service coordination.
The Division does not provide cash payments or payments for room and board.
What do I Need to Know About Medicaid?  - Information for DD applicants and participants about Medicaid. Includes ABD, Share of Cost, MIWD, ENABLE accounts, and Ability to Pay. En Español aqui.
How do I apply for DD services?
Please see our eligibility page.
Registry of Unmet Needs (Waitlist)
Being eligible does not mean you will immediately receive services. DD services are not an entitlement. There is not currently enough funds available for all requests. Once eligible you will be mailed a form, which you can complete to be placed on the registry of unmet needs.
Services will be offered when funding becomes available. Funding is offered based on your date of request. The date of request is your date of application.
You may be on the registry of unmet needs for a DD waiver while receiving services from a different Home and Community-Based Service (HCBS) Waiver, such as the Aged and Disabled (AD) Waiver.
Level of Care
Your funding amount is based on your level of care. A state worker will complete an assessment to determine this. Results are translated into your Individual Budget Amount (IBA). Your IBA is your level of care as an annual amount. You can use this amount to purchase services 
Planning Services
Your service coordinator or community coordinator specialist will help you plan your services. Planning occurs at scheduled meetings. Meetings can be held whenever your needs change.
Individual Support Plan (ISP) Team
You decide who is on your ISP team. It must include you, your coordinator, and any DD service providers you get services from. If you have a guardian, he or she is also on the team. You can invite any other family, friends, or organizations who support you.
Individual Support Plan (ISP) Meeting
This meeting is with your ISP team. There are at least two of these meetings each year. Your "annual ISP" is the main planning meeting each year. Other meetings discuss your progress toward your goals. If your services and supports are not meeting your needs at any point in the year, any team member can call your coordinator to request a meeting.
Before your annual ISP meeting, your coordinator will have a conversation with you about your needs and what types of services and supports can help you meet your goals.

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