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Participant & Family Page


to the hub for people interested in or receiving developmental disabilities services, their legal representatives, and their families. You also can use the Resources and Training pages. These are updated regularly with new information and opportunities. 
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Planning Services - Your Service Coordinator helps plan your services. Planning occurs at scheduled meetings.   
Individual Support Plan (ISP) Team - You decide who is on your ISP team. It must include you, your Service Coordinator, and any developmental disabilities providers you get services from. If you have a guardian, he or she is also on the team. You can invite other family, friends, or organizations who support you.
Individual Support Plan (ISP) Meeting - This meeting is with your ISP team. There are at least two meetings each year. Your "annual ISP" is the main planning meeting. Other meetings discuss your progress toward your goals. If your services and supports are not meeting your needs, any team member can call your Service Coordinator to request a meeting at any time. Before your annual ISP meeting, your coordinator talks with you about your needs and what types of services and supports are available to you.
Objective Assessment Process (OAP) - Funding is based on your needs. An assessment is completed to determine your Individual Budget Amount (IBA). You can use this amount to purchase services.  Learn about the process used in the  DD Services Assessment & Budgeting Brochure.   En Español aquí.
Therap Access - If you are a participant or guardian you can have access to Therap, the electronic case management system.
Nebraska VR - Collaboration Announcement - Information about the partnership between DHHS-DD and Nebraska VR.
Nebraska Homestead Exemption - A person who is eligible for DD services can receive property tax relief when they own a home. Information from the NE Department of Revenue. If you have questions, call 402-453-8167.
Wait List - Being eligible does not mean you will receive funding for services right away. There is not currently enough funds available for all requests. Once eligible, you will be placed on the wait list by your date of application. Services will be offered when funding becomes available.
1.    People in immediate crisis
2.    People who have lived in an institutional setting for at least the past 12 months
3.    People who are wards of DHHS or are under the supervision of the Office of Probation Administration and must transition out of the system at age 19
4.    People transitioning from the educational system at age 21
5.    People who are dependents of a member of the armed forces stationed in Nebraska
6.    People on the wait list
  • You can receive Service Coordination services while you are waiting for other developmental disabilities services.
  • While waiting, you may receive services from Medicaid, including Personal Assistance Services (PAS), services on the Aged and Disabled (AD) Waiver, or Lifespan Respite.   

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