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DD Registry 

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 The Division of Developmental Disabilities is required to maintain a registry of service requests.

When an individual is found eligible for DD services, they are either prioritized for funding (i.e. in emergent need of protection from abuse/neglect, shelter, food or medical attention) or their request for services is added to the registry.

Although the Developmental Disabilities Services Act requires individuals to utilize available educational services and most youth are cared for in their family homes, the Division encourages early determination of eligibility for DD services.

This provides individuals and their families with information for long-term planning during their educational years, and it also provides for expedited access to services if emergent needs arise.

Individuals are added to the registry of service requests with a designated “date of need,” generally the date they are anticipated to leave educational services at the conclusion of the school year in which they turn age 21.

For this reason, there are many people on the registry whose date of need is a future date. Individuals who are past their date of need, and are waiting for dollars to be appropriated so that they may access services.

In July of 2009, the Legislature appropriated additional funds to provide services to individuals on the registry.

In the summer of 2009, the Division began offering services to individuals past their date of need in rounds, so that providers and service coordinators could handle the influx of people into services.

In July 2011, the Division initiated the fourth round of offers. Throughout all four rounds of offers, a significant number of individuals have declined their offer and readjusted their date of need. There were others that failed to respond to the offers or indicated they were no longer interested in DD services.

The Division appreciates Legislature’s continued commitment to funding the project and providing quality services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

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